We sell, service and repair two way radios and accessories. We offer expert advice and deliver anywhere in South Africa.

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Brands and Products
Kirisun two way radios
  • DM 588
  • PT 260
  • PT 578
  • PT 3600
  • PT 5200
  • PT 8000
  • PT 8100

  • Available in VHF & UHF bands
Kenwood two way radios
  • NX 1200
  • NX 1300
  • TK 2000
  • TK 3000
  • TK 7302
  • TK 8302
  • TKD 240
  • TKD 340
  • TKD 740
  • TKD 840
ICOM two way radios
  • F 15
  • F 25
  • F 3003
  • F 4003
  • F 110
  • F 210
  • F 1000
  • F 5012
  • F 6012
SFE two way radios
  • SFE 580
  • SFE 780
  • SFE 820

  • Available in VHF & UHF bands
HYT two way radios
  • TC 500
  • TC 508

  • Available in VHF & UHF bands
Motorola two way radios
  • CP 040
  • CP 140
  • CM 140
  • DP 540
  • DP 1400
  • DM 1400

  • Available in VHF & UHF bands
Vertex Standard two way radios
  • VX 231
  • VX 2100
  • VX 2200

  • Available in VHF & UHF bands
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We render services across South Africa, and focus especially on cities in Gauteng, such as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

License-free Radios

We supply license free radios from the leading brands in the world.

Analog and Digital Radios

We sell, service and repair both analog and digital radios.

ICASA License Assistance

If needed, we can assist with license application forms from ICASA.

Spare Parts

We keep spare parts on hand, so we don't have to wait for stock and can quickly repair radios.

Older Model Radios

We maintain and service older model radios.

Rapid Service Delivery

Time is money, so we render our services as quickly as possible.

Expert Advice

Every client has different needs, and our expert advice will ensure your requirements are met.

After Sales Support

We are always there to help, and can assist with setup and training.

Low-cost Installations

We offer low-cost installations for mobile radios fitted in vehicles.

Base Stations

Our 2-way radio base stations can come with a power supply and a low-cost installation.

Rent Radios

We offer a radio renting service in Gauteng (including Johannesburg and Pretoria)


We supply accessories such as an earpiece, an external speaker microphone, batteries, antennas, chargers and transformers

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